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Overkill at Paradise Garage, Lisbon, Portugal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Overkill at Paradise Garage, Lisbon, Portugal

Last Saturday, Lisbon received another great band. People of all places of Portugal like Porto, Braga or even Faro came to Paradise Garage just to see and have an incredible night with Heavy/Speed and Trash Metal.
This night was made for the fans of Overkill, but first there was still an warming, with three great bands!

Althought Paradise Garage wans’t already with all the people in, Darkology started with no fear and no timidity! Violent Vertigo started the first show of the night, and althought there were few people, those who where inside coulnd’t stop headbanging or screaming! The night was finally starting, and it couldn’t have started any better with a Progressive/Power band from Dallas! Kill Me If You Can from the new album Fated To Burn wich will be out in January 2015 was one of the most estertaining moments of the concert. The crowd was now ready for the rest of the night, thanks to Darkology!

Enforcer where the second to step the stage. Since their last time in Portugal at 2013 by their own name, the portuguese people was already missing them and their power. Now with a crowded room the night was really begining! Take Me Out Of This Nightmare made people go crazy, with hands in the air and screaming the lyrics of the musics. At the breaks of the music, we only could hear one thing: the name Enforcer. The band wasn’t expecting such love and such an amazing reception for them, but without daughts, in my opinion was one the best concerts that night, or prehaps the best. Without knowing, Joseph Tholl starts an amazing drum solo that continues until began Run For Your Life. Into The Night was one of the best moments of the concert, with the amazing voice and power of Olof. The concert ends with Midnight Vice, and Olof promissed to come back in their own name at 2015 after the new album comes out! The only thing that i can say is that was a truly Speed and Heavy concert with an energy so positive that was impossible not to enjoy.

The next who followed was Prong from New York. With only three members on stage, the band played like there were more members, the stage wasn’t enough for them, and their energy! At Pick Up The Broken Pieces the audience went crazy with their hands up in the air. After Enforcer, there was a huge difference of styles and everyone looked a little tired, but we could see some real fans over the crowd. Broken Peace, Another Wordly Device and Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck composed the concert before Overkill.
The enviroment was great with people always smiling, drinking, laughing or even screaming for the band. Prong proved what they are made of, and left the stage with a glorious atitude. Revenge... Best Served Cold from the album Corved Into Stone, was one of the musics that ends an amazing concert. It was now, time for Overkill!

After two years since they came to Portugal at Vagos OpenAir Festival, Overkill was now ready for another destruction at our country! Armorist began a concert who was going to make us completely go crazy, but Overkill and Electric Rattlesnake were the musics that really started the show. Now we can see an audience completely crazy and happy for their return, with bodies in the air throw the crowd. After so many hours watching great bands, the public was tired, but not so tired cause it’s impossible not getting excited at a Overkill’s concert! The atmosphere was amazing and it was inevitable the smiles, finally one of the greatest bands of Trash metal were on our country’s stage. After the song End Of The Line, the band gaves us an amazing solo guitar followed by Long Time Dyin’. Pig, Hello From The Gutter and Ironbound finalized the concert, but just for now... After a couple of minutes, Overkill returns to the stage with more surprises for the portuguese public, that was now sad for the end of the concert, but happy about their return. Bitter Pill, Elimination and Fuck You, a cover from The Subhumans were now the last musics, but one of the most intensive minuts of the whole concert.

Unfortunately we came to an end, but the memories will be always on our minds, cause it was a night that we can’t forget, and with Enforcer and Overkill the night couldn’t be better. For those who didn’t come, you should be regretful!

Text: Mariana Pisa

Skribent: Mariana Pisa
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