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Thea and the wild - Strangers and lovers | FESTIVALPHOTO

Thea and the wild - Strangers and lovers



Thea and the wild is the brainchild of Norwegian Thea Glenton Raknes, and after releasing three singles during the year, is now releasing her debut album.
It's a really strong pop album with a fun feel. It's primarily guitar based but there are plenty of electronics used too. As a result the album isn't so easy to describe - it's not guitar drivven pop-rock, but nor is it synth driven pop, instead it sits somewhere in between taking bits from both.

Talking about the album, Thea had this to say.... “The songs I have made for this album are pop songs the way I like them; with clear choruses and lively melodies and rhythms. The lyrics may be a little dark, as I tend to write them from what struggles I have in my head. But this is a record you can smile to, dance down the pavement to, or play loudly in the car in the summer, while you dream of falling in love or reminisce about heartbreak”.

The slightly dark lyrics contrast with the light vocals and bouncy pop music and adds more depth to the album. The tunes really are strong - it's the sort of music that puts a smile on your face as you listen to it. The blend of guitar and synths works really well and is what makes this album work so well in my opinion.

An excellent pop album that's well worth a listen. Check out the video for "Ropes" below....

"Strangers and lovers" is out now via Jansen Plateproduksjon

Track listing:

1. Strangers and lovers
2. Ropes
3. Cry sometimes
4. Mourning song
5. Heartattack
6. Roy Orbison
7. Trains
8. Murderous
9. Hots for you
10. Cold feet
11. Take me to that dark place

Skribent: Anthony May
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