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Your favorite enemies - Between illness and migration | FESTIVALPHOTO

Your favorite enemies - Between illness and migration


Your favorite enemies are a Canadian alternative rock band that cite Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Mars Volta and My bloody valentine among their influences. Ahead of the release of their new album, they are on a European tour having just played several UK dates.

Their new album "Between illness and migration" has been out in other parts of the world for almost a year, but is only now receiving a belated UK release - presumably to coincide with their tour. I always find it very disappointing when bands do this and it also seems poor business for a label as the abnd's dedicated fans will all have bought the album on import when it was released rather than waiting 6-12 months - people aren't that patient these days.

Most fans of the band will already have the album, but if you don't know the band or haven't heard the album, then it's well worth a listen. It's excellent Alternative rock with some very good vocals and well written lyrics. The songs aren't the usual 3-4 minutes in length - 4 of them are around 6 minutes or longer, and that extra time is well used to give the songs a more epic feel. The use of sections of spoken lyrics as well as the usual singing parts works really well and adds a lot to the album.

Definitely well worth a listen.

"Between illness and migration" will be released in the UK on 24th November 2014

Track listing:

1. Satsuki Yami
2. Empire of sorrows
3. A view from within
4. Where did we lose each other
5. Underneath a stretching skyline
6. From the city to the ocean
7. I just want you to know
8. 1-2-3 (One step away)
9. Obsession is a gun
10. Muets aux temps des amours

Your favorite enemies are:

Alex (Lead Singer)
Miss Isabel (Keyboards)
Jeff (Rhythm Guitar)
Sef (Lead Guitar)
Ben (Bass)
Moose (Drums)

Skribent: Anthony May
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