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Blackberry Smoke - Holding all the roses | FESTIVALPHOTO

Blackberry Smoke - Holding all the roses



Blackberry Smoke have been around for more than a decade, but it was the 2012 release of "The Whippoorwill" that saw their popularity explode, and last year you'd have to have been living in a cave in Afghanistan to have failed to hear something about them. They toured extensively last year, but somehow found time to also release a live album and also to write and record a new studio album which will be released on 9th February - Holding all the roses.

Brief comments on a few tracks...

The first song on the album is the lead single - "Let me help you (find the door)" which is already receiving plenty of airply from radio stations across Europe. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out at the bottom of this review.

"Woman in the moon" is a more laid back song and is another great track.

In "Too high" the country influence becomes the dominant one - while much of the album is Southern Rock, this song is more Country than rock. It's a damn good track, and is one oh many highlights of the album

"Randolph County farewell" is a short acoustic guitar instrumental piece - a lovely piece of music that acts as a change of pace before you're back into the Southern Rock with "Payback's a bitch", a track I can imagine going down superbly well at gigs.

Overall the music is broadly Southern Rock, but there is a country influence that is stronger in some songs than others. The vocals are excellent, the music is superb, but it's the songwriting that is the best bit - the music is great and the lyrics are so well written that you can't help but listen to what they say - with some bands you're not really bothered about the lyrics, just the music, but with Blackberry smoke you're almost certain to find yourself paying attention to the lyrics.

A superb album that really is an essential purchase.

Track Listing:

1. Let me help you (find the door)
2. Holding all the Roses
3. Living in the Song
4. Rock and Roll Again
5. Woman in the Moon
6. Too High
7. Wish in One Hand
8. Randolph County Farewell
9. Payback’s a Bitch
10. Lay it all on Me
11. No way back to Eden
12. Fire in the Hole.

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Skribent: Anthony May
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