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24/01/2015 - XXXAPADA NA TROMBA Freak 'n' Grind Fest @ RCA Club, Lisbon | FESTIVALPHOTO

24/01/2015 - XXXAPADA NA TROMBA Freak 'n' Grind Fest @ RCA Club, Lisbon


Late January received one of the most antecipated and exciting events of the year: XXXAPADA NA TROMBA Freak 'n' Grind Fest. It's a grind festival that incorporates various elements with an amazing atmosphere, resulting in a huge, fun party. Tattoo artists, piercers, fetish dancers, and costumes are what makes this not only a music festival, but also an event of its own. The environment was friendly, and pretty much everyone knew someone, and we were all there with the common purpose of making this an event to remember. And it was.

Outside a sign announced a private party, and it was private indeed: only 300 tickets were put out, and it was a sold out gig. Inside, there were pictures of various scantily clad women performing numerous sexual acts, and with the BDSM themed dancers of Trash Circus, who performed during the bands' sets and also distributed some whip strikes and slaps to passing bystanders, we got a soft-cote version of the things some of those pictures portrayed.
With a half-full venue that was gradually filling up, we were presented with the first band, the organizer Sérgio Páscoa's own Shoryuken. It was the right way to start the gig, fun and brutal at the same time, with some dancing from a few people in the crowd. ''Alice in Snuffland'' and ''Sonic Boobs'' were two of the songs in the set, and as a thank you for organizing this fantastic event, the first dancers of the day/night came out and gave our host a very warm welcome.
The second of ten bands were the spanish Görrinerh, who came out in white jumpsuits and pig masks and had a plastic chicken hanging from one of the mic stands. Their sound was described by some as ''boiling water set to a drum beat'', but I personally found it extremely fun, and sounding along the lines of SpermSwamp. ''Feto al Espeto'' and ''Prodido Sabe Mejor'' were some of the songs played on their set, although you could barely understand what they were saying due to the voice effects. Nevertheless, it was fun, even if the crowd was still a bit quiet apart from the usual people who apparently wake up drunk.
My good friends Analepsy were the third band, and as always they've shown why they're such a fast growing band. The venue was pretty much full by now, and everyone was already warmed up. ''Neo-born Virus'', ''Colossal Human Consumption'', and the usual Pathology cover ''A Bleak Future'' were some of the songs they graced us with, and of course ''Genetic Mutations'', with the guest vocals of Cami from Brutal Brain Damage, who played next. There really isn't much to say about a band that keeps growing and evolving with each gig, and has already made a name for themselves in our national scene.
As mentioned above, more friends played next, Brutal Brain Damage were the fourth band to play. Their last gig with founder drummer Pedro Perdigão was a party, as per usual with them, but still you could feel some heaviness in the air, probably due to the departure. Still, that didn't stop them from putting on a great show which featured new songs that got a good response from the audience, and some old songs from their 2012 release ''Brain Soup''. They even played ''Javali'', from their debut EP ''Borderline Syndrome'', and a fan favourite, thus concluding the show.
The fifth band, and the last one before the dinner break, were the portuguese Raw Decimating Brutality, known more widely as just RDB. As always, they put on a great show. They're really fun live, and the crowd never stops for a second. It was a good way to spend the energy just before dinner, and with songs like ''Napalm na Obra'', ''Calhau no Quintal'', and ''Fluido Vaginal'', this last one being sung by nearly everyone in the crowd, they got us just at the right point for a break.
And said break followed, and it was welcomed by those of us who had been moving around non-stop at the gigs. Outside, a variety of people in costumes could be seen, such as a bee, Spongebob, a parrot, a nun, a penguin, and yours truly wearing a cow onesie. It was basically a violent costume party, and throughout the night there were confettis, floaties, and even an inflatable boat.
After the dinner break, it was time for another round of fun. The sixth band, Vaginal Penetration of an Amelus With a Musty Carrot, or simply VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (not so simple, though), were one of the most awaited bands of the night. Following their amazingly energetic gig back in 2013 in portuguese lands, they have once again blown us away by their party bomb. They later issued an apology for being a bit ''off'' druing the gig, due to one of them being sick,but honestly, they were so good you wouldn't even tell. ''Embryo's Orgasm'', ''Slushy Baby Chainsaw Assfuck'', and ''Eyeball Peeler'' were some of the tunes that were heard in this great gig. And also, the disco Heidi song was an essential part that couldn't be missed. And just like last time, a friend of mine got on stage and sang a song with them. My only complain? This particular kid who apparently wished he could be a dancer himself, since he didn't leave the stage with his attempts of ''sensual'' dancing, or whatever that was.
Anyway, moving on to the seventh, and my personal favourite and most awaited band of the night, the czechs Jig-Ai. Brutality was expected and was delivered. Just like the last time in our country, they absolutely killed it. Playing songs from their latest release ''Rising Sun Carnage'' such as ''Koi Throat Fuck'' and ''Shitcuntsen'', and my favourite from their ''Katana Orgy'' album, ''Bonsai Bukake'', they delivered a kick in the face thoroughly throughout their entire set, and the only flaw was being a bit short, since they ran out of time.
Being the eighth band, the portuguese Grog followed, and they were, as always, very good. No one rested during their set, that featured songs like ''Ass Sapiens'' and ''Gore Genome''. They were the perfect transition for what would come next.
The ninth band were the long-awaited Prostitute Disfigurement. Merciless and relentless, they made sure the crowd didn't back down, despite having eight other gigs on their backs. ''She's Not Coming Home Tonight'' and ''Body to Ravage'' were some of the songs on their brutality filled set, and there was also time for a song with guest vocalist Guerra from Serrabulho.
That being said, it was time for the tenth and last band of the night, our very own Serrabulho. A very well-known and well-loved band, they got the remaining energy out of an exhausted crowd. Exhausted but very well dressed for the occasion, as were the band members themselves, as usual. A 4 minute kizomba intro featuring the name of the festival opened up the gig and got everybody dancing. ''Quero Cagar e Não Posso'' and ''Disgusting Piece of Shit'' were some of the songs they played, thus ending one of the best events we've seen.

This is surely a festival to remember, and next year's edition is already booked and approaching a sold out venue once again. It will definitely become a landmark in our country and hopefully put us en route to the most brutal/extreme bands. Until next year we wait impatiently, and can't help but thank immensely to Sérgio Páscoa for this great initiative.

Skribent: Ana Raquel Mendes
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