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KISS in Spain: 17000 tickets sold in 1 DAY | FESTIVALPHOTO

KISS in Spain: 17000 tickets sold in 1 DAY


The mythical band KISS has sold about 10000 tickets in Madrid and 7000 in Barcelona the same day tickets came out. The legend of KISS is still alive!

Don't miss the chance to watch them these next 21 and 22 of June, in Barcelona and Madrid.

Tickets are on sale in, (+ Fnac + Halcón Viajes + Viajes Carrefour), El Corte Inglés y

KISS is considered one of the most influential Rock&Roll bands ever.

It is the band with more gold albums in the United States, selling over 100 million albums worldwide in its 40-year career. His whole career is full of amazing achievements, which has decades of record tours worldwide. It is part of the history of Rock & Roll performances in Super Bowl XXXIII, the Winter Olympics 2002 concert Rocking The Corps of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005 and the end of American Idol in 2009 to 30 million viewers.

Skribent: Ignacio de Villalain Barbolla
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