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-The new album 'Classic Fantastic', first of all why the name, and secondly what does this album say about FLC at this point?

Huey - Survival. I mean mental survival really, I think coming out of that big lawsuit we had, it just seemed like if we didn’t make a record they would have won. it’s a little cliché if a band breaks up after big legal dispute. Fast had been writing tunes during the whole dispute but it was kind of over the last year and half or so that we put the lyrics to the songs and really tried to make the songs a little bit more uplifting. It helped us get into the Funk a little bit if you know what I mean!

- FLC are renowned for not sticking to one sound but rather moving styles, so what is the FLC sound?
Frank – People should buy a Fun Lovin’ Criminals record if they want 10 different styles of records in one place. You will get a bit of hip hop, a bit of rock, a bit of blues… a love song. That’s what we’re all about!

Huey – We listen to a lot of classic music and really like to know where our music has come from. Being American we listened to a lot of different music growing up and that influenced us in the way in that we are unique and as you say, bring a lot of different sounds to our mix, it confuses the hell out of a lot of music journalists!

- You have collaborated with a lot of people over the years, are there still some people you would love to work with?

Huey – of course, but we’re having a hell of a good time working on this new album right now!

- Your radio show covers a huge variety of music but whats your guiltiest pleasure to listen to?

Huey – I heard a band recently called the Two Door Cinema club and really dug those guys. Smart stuff.

- You have a nationwide tour coming up, where do you find is the best place to perform?

Frank - The audience in Ireland is great, before they get to the gig they are already fucking wired and ready to go! Sometimes, you just know that when you walk out everything is going to be great – it's really the crowd which makes it!

- Now you are all becoming older gentleman do you find that gigs are becoming more relaxed affairs or is it as loud as ever?

Fast – We’re really pushing our live show more than ever before on this tour actually. We have about seven different set-lists which we can choose from and loads of great surprises planned. The magic is still there!

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