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THEO BERNDT - Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way | FESTIVALPHOTO

THEO BERNDT - Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way


New Single Out July 8th 2015
via Birds Will Sing For You

“With a darkened edge, Theo Berndt are finding their calling and pursuing a plight of jump-on-the-bed excitement. Like a modern day poet, they draw in you in to a sublime sense of divinity with pop fuelled familiarity..” (Noctis Magazine)

“The track is super catchy and filled with this crazy energy, and together with the beat the track just makes you want to join the dance floor a.s.a.p. The video is funny and entertaining and we’re really hoping that we will be invited to the next party as well.” (Nordic By Nature)

Indie-pop outfit Theo Berndt just announced the release of a single ‘Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way’, which they describe as being a continuation of the story they started spinning with their last single ‘Atomic’ released at the back end of last year.

The tracks were mixed by Andreas Söderlund (Niccokick, Hello Saferide) and recorded in their hometown Gothenburg by Anders Lagerfors. Their new sound is clearer, more confident; allowing them to take their trademark blisteringly fast and frolicking indie-pop melodies, which made them so popular in Japan and on Swedish local radio, and overlaid this with stronger, meaningful lyrics that encourage a transformation of the human psyche.

Although there is something of Vampire Weekend to their sound, lead singer, Emil Lundin’s vocals are distinctive and unique with a hint of the 80’s new romantics though upbeat and very, very fresh. This is 21st century indie pop at its very best.

Theo’s new single ‘Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way’ is available to purchase July 8th 2015.

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