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SLASH ROCKED HUNGARY – 24 hours at VOLT Festival, Sopron



And the audience was absolutely delighted, and naturally totally crazy about to be there. To be there at VOLT Festival, and to rock with this legend.

During the day we participated a lot of gigs, small and also big and famous ones - mostly hungarian bands played: the weather, the music and the sought and dreamed festivalmood was really fantastic. So we were just sitting and drinking, enjoying alternative, pop, and rock music in the same time. We saw the most famous living hungarian rock band, called Tankcsapda, and it was awesome, as usual… Then another hungarian stars, the Quimby band rocked us, later Kowalsky meg a Vega played on an other lovely, and colofrul stage. We loved it all, and we were jumping – with all those fans, singing the songs. After that lovely afternoon the big night came: Slash, and his famous band arrived to Sopron, to VOLT Festival, and played us so old but so fantastic songs. And he, with his crazy good band, he taught us again what is the real rock 'n roll.

Sweet child, Nightrain, and Paradise city.. songs, for all of us, songs, which everybody should know. They played almost 2 hours at all, with no break. It was really amazing and fantastic to live again my Guns n’ Roses and Slash adoration, and meet him finally on stage. These all happened in a really pretty small hungarian city, at a festival, which festival exists since 1993. It means 22 years in this year, in 2015, so a big congratulation and also a big big hurray for them.

After the Slash gig we were kind of must to keep on partying, so we dug ourselves into the festival paradise, the VOLT jungle, dancing thrugh that amazing night. And at a very late hour we find ourself at a GnR tribute party: the hungarian, but almost world-famous Hollywood Rose was also really frenetic, despite it was almost morning…
So we so loved that 24 hours here, we wish to come back again. Thank you VOLT Festival!


Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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