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Danny Cavanagh @ Auditório Sá de Miranda - Braga | FESTIVALPHOTO

Danny Cavanagh @ Auditório Sá de Miranda - Braga


Having the chance to see one of the Cavanagh brothers is always a unique experience.
This was the second time Danny has been in Braga. In my opinion the new auditorium where the event took place wasn't as cosy as the previous one; anyway, you could have Danny play in a metro station and he’ll amaze you somehow!
While we were waiting we had the opportunity to listen to the new Anathema’s album and give our opinion. The night started with some classics such as fragile dreams, forgotten hopes, lost control (he even had to stop at the middle of the song because he couldn’t hold his laugh since a friend was in the audience right in front of him), are you there (…), Danny also accepted some suggestions such as “inner silence”.
He was pretty surprised with the attention and the silence he got from the audience compared to some other venues he had been (i’ll say no names!) so our behaviour was more of “his thing”, very flattering indeed ;)
He also confessed that he only slept three hours during flights so he was obviously tired, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that is really amazing to see how much he gave, he played aproximately two long hours (for him!) and provided us with some unique moments and songs, some of them were covers from artists like Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Elton John, The Killers, Mark Knopfler and Nick Drake.
The main essence of Danny’s concerts is the intimate and familiar atmosphere he creates around where he communicates through music; he’s also very interactive with the audience. This only shows his passion towards music and he transmitted it perfectly and even if he was tired, when we where inside that auditorium everything stopped and we were dragged into Danny’s world.

Skribent: Claudia Bernal
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