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Cryptopsy in Audio, Glasgow – 2015-08-13 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Cryptopsy in Audio, Glasgow – 2015-08-13



There are bands which are enough to see once and there bands which are tempting to yet another gig, although you have seen them several times already. Cryptopsy is one of those tempting ones and these guys from Canada will not give you compromise whether to go to see them for the fifth time or not. As usual, they never gig alone and are known for their brilliant choices of stage comrades. This time, all they way to Glasgow, they brought Australian technical death metallers Psycroptic and got no less impressive local support from Cancerous Womb and Exile The Traitor.

As it was suspected, Exile The Traitor were the ones to start a gig. It seems that it is their destiny – to be the first, as I already lost a count of times seeing them to be a very first to open the gig. Despite that, Exile The Traitor were brilliant as ever. Since their second vocalist appeared in the band, I discovered myself digging them more and more. In addition to that, that night due to some internal reasons there was a change among band's members, as Will Keogh is not visible on the stage and instead of him there was other guy moshing with bass guitar. Exile The Traitor facebook page says they are up to auditions for the Will's replacement.

Gig was going fast pace and Cancerous Womb from Edinburgh was quick to get on the stage. There was something about this gig and bass guitar players. Cancerous Womb guys played in trio for almost all the show due to bassist Joe hand trauma (it was said, he hasn't played for already 8 months until Brujeria gig night before). In order to show the whole line-up, Joe popped on to the stage for the last song. Despite this, band with the new vocalist in the front, performed their set with full force and were truly appreciated by fans. It got hot, sweaty, crazy and well, it was mind blowing show! The set was spiced up with the ex-vocalist Chris for “Up To My Nuts And Guts” and for a moment we all were back to the past. With this strong performance I expected bigger than two-men moshpit but to my surprise everybody were either stunned by Mike's and Bernard's cracking playing abilities or.. I don't even know the other reason!

Whatever the reason of lack of moshpit during the first two bands, Psycroptic changed it all once they got on to the stage. The storm of unleashed energy straight all the way from the Australia was so strong that people in front of the stage forgot what does it mean to stand still in the gig. These Tasmanian devils definitely know how to make hell full of the top quality technical death metal, sweat and hair. Just roughly 40 minutes of this joy and it is all over before you know it. It is time for their fellows from Canada.

That's right, Cryptopsy was the main reason for this mental crowd, which actually went nuts during the second half of their show. Taking the longest break before their show Cryptopsy made worth waiting. With the very first songs they blew people's minds and everything that was unnecessary, for there are only couple things that are needed during this powerful death metal show: energy and moshpit! There is no time for the beer when all you see is long Matt's hair, sweaty bodies around and the world turning upside down for you with your legs reaching the ceiling... It might be even not your legs! Cryptopsy prepared one cracking setlist of the show, including some new material from upcoming album “The Book Of Suffering”, which sounded really promising. The one hour show was crowned with two songs encore with famous “Slit Your Guts” and “Phobophile”.

There is nothing else to add to it all, as safely to say, that Cryptopsy with their stage comrades totally smashed Glasgow yet again!

Cryptopsy setlist:
1. Defenestration
2. White Worms
3. Mutant Christ – Graveaged
4. Emaciate
5. Two-Pound Torch
6. Halothane Glow
7. Carrionshine
8. Cold Hate, Warm Blood
9. Detritus
10. Graves Of The Fathers

11. Slit Your Guts
12. Phobophile


Skribent: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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