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Sziget Festival 2015 - Days 6 & 7 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sziget Festival 2015 - Days 6 & 7



We all know that the last days of any festival are the most important ones, and Sziget 2015 was no exception. On Saturday and Sunday, the biggest musical event in Central and Eastern Europe hosted some of the biggest names in the industry, like Kings of Leon, Limp Bizkit and the Dutch DJ Martin Garrix.

We began our sixth day in Hungary at the A38 Stage, where we attended the concert of the Dutch band Jett Rebel, whose main vocalist looked like he hopped in a time machine and went 30 years into the future to get here. Besides this really funky aspect, music was, honestly, quite bland and it managed to drive us away from the concert after only a couple of songs just in time to see the end of Punnany Massif's show at the Main Stage. There's not a lot we can say about them since they only sang and talked in Hungarian, but we think they performed a song about emoji, you know, the weird Facebook type emoticons. If you ask us, this is a very weird thing to write a song about.

Actually, besides Paloma Faith and the German band Beatsteaks, who both performed at the A38 Stage, Saturday was a bit of a disappointing day, musically speaking. Let us break it down for you. Main Stage: Hollywood Undead - interesting looking masks, not very impressive music; Major Lazer - brilliant show, giant plastic bubble crowd surfing, almost zero live musical performance, it looked like the music came from the DJ. A38 Stage: William Fitzsimmons - quite possibly the most boring music in the history of the industry; Beatsteaks - awesome music, a lot of interaction with the public, a very German looking German band; Paloma Faith - we highly recommend you see her live, she has an energetic show and really knows how the make her public happy.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about the main problem of the sixth day: Kings of Leon. It was the most disappointing concert of the entire festival. Even though they sang all of their best known songs, they left us with the impression that they only came to Sziget for the money. They had a crowd of probably 70.000 people in front of them and they acted like they didn't care. The volume was so low that we constantly heard the conversations of those around us, the pauses between the songs were unbearably long, and the interaction with the public was almost non-existent. After the concert, we went to listen to a really bad U2 tribute band and we managed to have a lot more fun! That's how bad it was... Too bad, Kings of Leon, it could have been the best day of the festival if only you would have brought your A-game.

Even though after six days of extreme heat, a lot of dust, very few hours of sleep and a rainy Saturday night, we were quite tired, that didn't stop us from enjoying the very last day of Sziget Festival. The first band that performed on the Main Stage was Kraftklub, a German band that really impressed us with its energy and very enjoyable music. After them, the stage and the crowd were conquered by the Rudimental army. Imagine about ten people, men and women, who sing, dance and really have the time of their lives while performing a very nice sounding music. That was the Rudimental concert. If you have the chance to see them live, we recommend them with all our heart.

Next up was Limp Bizkit, whose very old looking, but full of energy vocalist Fred Durst constantly talked with the audience and made sure nobody got hurt when mosh pits happened.

The headliner for Sunday and the artist who ended the Main Stage shows was the Dutch DJ Martin Garrix. Even though his music style doesn't really suit us, we have to say that we really loved his concert. You may not like the music, but who doesn't love fireworks and flames coming out of the stage?

All in all, Sziget 2015 was a huge success. Over 441.000 people attended this year's edition, and even though there were some minor problems, like the overcrowded campsites and the relatively small number of showers and toilets, the organizers really seemed to have thought about almost everything. An event of that magnitude organized this good is not something you come across every day. We love you, Sziget Festival, and we hope to see you next year!


Skribent: Ioana Epure
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