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Gilmore & Roberts - Conflict tourism | FESTIVALPHOTO

Gilmore & Roberts - Conflict tourism



"Conflict tourism" is the fourth album from Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts. For this album they've taken a theme of confict and woven it into all the songs. This doesnt have to be armed conflict such as a war, but could also be the conflict between positive and negative. As a result there's a lot of scope for variation within the theme.

Musically there's a mix too - it's largely got a traditional folk sound, but there is also a Celtic folk feel at times and at other times there's a more modern feel. There's even a hint of rock with "Stumble on the seam"
The music comes from a range of instruments - guitar, mandolin, lap steel, double bass and the fiddle, and is beautifully played. Both Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts sing on the album, with vocal duties being shared fairly evenly rather than it being one main vocalist, and that does work well as it enables them to cover a wider variety of tunes than if they used just one set of vocals.

It's a great album - very pleasant and enjoyable musically, with thoughtful lyrics to add depth.

Track listing:

1. Cecilia
2. Jack O Lantern
3. She doesn't like silence
4. Selfish man
5. Stumble on the seam
6. Balance / Imbalance
7. Peggy Airey
8. Time soldiers on
9. Peter Pan
10. Warmonger
11. Ghost of a ring

Skribent: Anthony May
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