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Los Lobos - Gates of gold | FESTIVALPHOTO

Los Lobos - Gates of gold



In the UK if you ask someone about Los Lobos, they'll probably be described asa one-hit wonder after their chart success with "La Bamba", but in reality they've been going for 40 years. They've got a sound that mixes Mexican folk music with traditional Spanish music, blues, R&B, Roots rock and latin soul. That's quite a mix of influences and it does show as you listen to their music - there's a hell of a lot of variety here.

"Mis-treater boogie blues" is a song that will definitely appeal to all ZZ Top fans - it really does sound like a ZZ Top song, and is a great track.

In contrast, "I believed you so" is more of a traditional Blues song. Elsewhere on the album you'll find Mexicam folk, soul and other styles - "Too small heart" even has a Jimi Hendrix feel to it at times - it really is a mix of musical styles.
While the music may be varied, the songwriting is of a consistently high standard and the lyrics cover a range of subjects such as the experiences of immigrants in America in a thoughtful way.

It's a very good album - perhaps a little too diverse to be a great album in my opinion but all the songs are very good and it's definitely an album that is well worth a listen.

"Gates of gold" will be released on 25th September 2015

Track listing:

1. Made to break your heart
2. When we were free
3. Mis-treater boogie blues
4. There I go
5. Too small heart
6. Poquito para aqui
7. Gates of gold
8. La tumba sera el final
9. Song of the sun
10. I believed you so
11. Magdalena

Skribent: Anthony May
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