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Joe Bonamassa - Live at radio city music hall | FESTIVALPHOTO

Joe Bonamassa - Live at radio city music hall



In January this year, Joe Bonamassa played two sold out shows at New York's Radio City Music Hall. The set was filmed and recorded and is being released as the latest live DVD/album from Joe Bonamassa. Cynics may wonder why we need another live album but the simple fact is that Joe Bonamassa is always careful to ensure that his live releases differ from each other so there's always something new or different to make it a worthwhile purchase, and of course his live shows never disappoint, which means his live releases don't disappoint either.

So what do you get with this CD/DVD release? Well you get the show itself - 75 minutes of great blues music. Then there's all the extra stuff, so you get two and a half hours of live footage, a 45 minute behind the scenes feature and more as well as a comprehensive 40 page booklet.

The setlist for the show includes plenty of material from his latest album (Different shades of blue), with no less than seven songs coming from that album, which makes this the first Bonamassa live release to feature these songs. As always though there's something else to help the shows and the live release stand out - these shows were the finale of his tour where he split the shows into two halves, playing acoustic for the first half and electric for the second. For the acoustic part of the show he's backed by "The Huckleberries", the band that he played with for his "Acoustic evening at the Vienna opera house" release, and then they are replaced by his usual touring band for the electric set.

As always with Bonamassa's live releases the sound quality is superb, and the video quality is equally high

It's another great live release packed full of Bonamassa's superb guitar playing backed by top musicians. I've been listening to this one for a few days now and it just doesn't get boring. Highly recommended.

Track listing:

1. Bite the big apple (Titles)
2. Dust bowl
3. Trouble town
4. Still water
5. Different shades of blue
6. The Huckleberries - introducing the acoustic band
7. Black lung heartache
8. Happier times
9. Never give all your heart
10. Hidden charms
11. Living on the moon
12. I can't be satisfied
13. Double trouble
14. One less cross to bear
15. Love ain't no love song
16. Introducing the electric band
17. "Happy birthday mom"
18. I gave up everything for you 'cept the blues
19. So, what would I do

Bonus feature:
Joe bites the big apple - Behind the scenes

Skribent: Anthony May
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