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BIRGIT BIDDER - You Don’t Wanna Know


BIRGIT BIDDER - You Don’t Wanna Know (New Single Out NOW!)

How does one introduce a Swedish artist and producer who due to her transcending music and artistic vision has rapidly become one of the most talked about new acts across the entire Stockholm music scene? Perhaps we can begin by repeating what everyone is saying already…

This multi-talented artist called Birgit Bidder is already sounding like an established artist who is bound to explode any minute now. While in 2014 debuting as an opera singer in a saluted 17th century baroque opera production of L’Orfeo (and producing a video in the scenery) Birgit later composed and arranged music for a 21-piece chamber orchestra and pop band. This is what Swedish National Paper SvD had to say about Birgit’s performance of these songs at Södra Teatern: ”Birgit Bidder has a very strong artistic expression. The music varies, it stands on classic pop-rock-soul-ground and is still independent towards music history. “You Don’t Wanna Know” feels like a spot on hit with full power from the backup vocals.”.

You Don’t Wanna Know - called a soul punch to the face and at the same time a musical delight - comes in three parts: studio, live and video. Birgit Bidder’s debut in writing, arranging and producing as well as her striking vocals, comes to life in 5 minutes of what could be Brian Eno as well as Amy Winehouse…

Since Birgit Bidder’s music is on its way out of Sweden and into the world now, we’ve decided that the best way to properly introduce her to the public is to simply let the music and the voice speak for themselves…

You Don’t Wanna Know is available for sale and download everywhere NOW.


Skribent: Festivalphoto
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