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Heart/Dancer - My Heart Is A Dancer LP | FESTIVALPHOTO

Heart/Dancer - My Heart Is A Dancer LP



“Listen to "Under" and the gentle warmth of the production may remind you of M83. The wispily humming vocals may bring to mind the delicate sadness of The XX. Some of the light, bouncy drops may remind you of Kygo, even. Despite the clear references, "Under" still stands on its own as a piece of music that slowly but surely simmers and coaxes out your emotions.” – NOISEY

“And none of that emotion seems to be missing from 'Under', all of it fading in, and then out, with a nebulous all-encompassing feeling, gradually surrounding and enveloping you.” – The 405

“At first I thought that Heart/Dancer was just a name that was rather difficult to Google, but it seems that this Swedish act are just so bloomin’ fresh and new that there’s not too much of a back story to give you… and that makes them a very exciting, and unknown, prospect.” - Jajaja Music

Looking for the next big thing? Well look no further than Heart/Dancer. The double act hailing from Sweden seem to have a knack of knocking up feel good, blissful music which is a delight to your eardrums. They have already gained some of the recognition they deserve with support from industry heavy weights such as Noisey, The 405 and Nordic By Nature, to name a few. They’ve also had their music synced to Swedish blockbusters and American TV series. Great steps for a fairly unknown pair a year back. However, with the release of their new LP ‘My Heart Is A Dancer’ they are sure to move even further into the limelight and continue to rise.
The lead single from the album is ‘Under’. It has a very imaginative and airy sound which resembles bits of Kygo, bits of Young Galaxy, but above all is the perfect gift for all the M83 fans. Such blissful musical brilliance is given to us in the shape of a laid-back tune that blends dream pop, shoegaze and new wave with the current trend of tropical electro pop.
Another incredible song from the album is ‘The Void’ with an unbelievably smooth introduction using mellow drums and piano cords its perfect to lay down, close your eyes and shut out the rest of the world. As the song begins to speed up the beauty of it remains constant. The Swedish duo have a unique way of mixing dance along beats but delivering a powerful message with their singing and song writing abilities. ‘The Void’ is a pure delight from start to finish. Think Bakermat production with the vocal samples of Aluna George, yes it is that blissful.
‘Outro’ has that whimsical, dreamy sound that is the perfect gift to lazy summer days. The combination of joyful electronic riffs, Atieno’s mesmerising vocals in the style of Of Monsters and Men’s Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, and Buddee’s gentle tone with a hint of José González that just warms your soul. The style itself resembles the straight-forwardness of Chairlift.
Heart/Dancer are ultimately unique. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else out there who can combine their incredible ability to mix soul refining music whilst rounding it all off with such an emotive edge. We have stars on our hands with these two.
“My Heart Is A Dancer” is available to buy and download from TOMORROW.

Skribent: Rasmus Lindgren
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