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Vogue Dots - If You Stay | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vogue Dots - If You Stay


New Single Radio Impact Date 20th May 2016
“Vogue Dots are on their way to being one of the country’s next east coast breakaways” – Noisey
Vogue Dots came to life when Babette and Tynan joined forces in the experimental-pop-tronica department. The Canadian pair’s musical energy seems unending; as they are not only musicians and singers, but also songwriters and co-producers of their material. Being described as ‘siblings with differences’, their previous EP led the pair to collecting notable praise and meanwhile exploring, expanding and experimenting even more with their new single If You Stay.

If You Stay, taken from their upcoming EP, simply works due to Babette and Tynan’s emotional focus and creative commitment to the song. They’re not trying too hard or doing too much. Layered with just the right amount of ethereal production, they design a track surrounded by a retro, dreamy blend between two pros of inter-dimensional sonic productions, Beach House and Mt. Wolf.

From start to finish there isn’t a moment wasted musically or vocally. Babette’s vocal performance, comparable to Beth Orton, feels 100% genuine and effortless. It is personal; it is visceral as well as being equally relatable.

It’s easy to describe Vogue Dots in nothing but buzzwords. However, after a proper listening session to If You Stay, which will be available everywhere on 20th May, it is clear to hear that this Canadian pop-tronica duo are indeed here to stay. No “if” attached.

Tour Dates
May 21 - Paddle Fest - St. Andrews, Canada
May 24 - B72 - Vienna, Austria
May 27 - Royal - Baden, Switzerland
June 1 - Santiago - Leeds, England
June 2 - The Dog and Parrot - Newcastle, England
June 4 - Oakford Social Club - Reading, England
June 5 - Gwdihw - Cardiff, England
June 7 - The Waiting Room - London, England
June 9 - Moles - Bath, England
June 16 - NXNE - Toronto, Canada

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