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Oddity - Settle down | FESTIVALPHOTO

Oddity - Settle down



"Settle down" is the new album from Chicago based alt-rock band Oddity. The band formed in 2012 as Fletcher, and released two EPs under that name. In 2016 they decided to change direction musically and to go with this change of sound they decided to change the band name to Oddity. Although they're Chicago based, 2 of the three band members are actually British having moved from the UK to the US.

There's a lo-fi, rough around the edges feel to the sound - not going as far as grunge, but with a bit of a grunge feel. That's balanced out with the indie rock vocals. Listening to the album I don't think it opens with it's strongest song - "settle down" is a decent enough song but it's not quite strong enough to grab the attention, and with the short attention spans many people have these days then to start with an average song is likely to lose them listeners.

It's a fairly solid album although it's a little variable, but overall I'd say it's good alt-rock that's worth a listen.

"settle down" is out now.

Track listing:

1. Settle down
2. Night owl
3. Ghost
4. Get out of my hair
5. I'll see you rising
6. Pressure's gone
7. Turn
8. My disposition
9. Let me breathe
10. Rolling with the punches
11. My own visions

Skribent: Anthony May
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