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Album review: Souls Of Tide - Join The Circus | FESTIVALPHOTO

Album review: Souls Of Tide - Join The Circus


What do you get if you take six Norwegian rock and metal musicians and mix them with a keyboard and a laid-back tongue-in-cheek attitude? You get Souls Of Tide. This band started in 2014, already have an EP out and is now ready to release their full-length debute Join The Circus.

If you're into rock, you probably heard a lot of styles, but I'd say this package is somewhat different. It is described as modern 70's rock but I'd add rock n' roll to it, and mixed with heavy parts it really gives us something new.

Join The Circus contains nine tracks which all have their place on the album. We get both heavy, groovy, slow and fast rock n' roll, all easy to the ear. The composition is uncomplicated with really good riffs and strong, cleaver choruses that I found myself humming on after just one listen.
We get the 70's feeling from the keyboards which are comfortably supporting the riffs without taking over and what adds the certain cockiness to the whole is the vocals. Maybe it's not always perfectly in tune and maybe the English pronunciation can be improved slightly, but that's just small matters because these vocals are truly energetic and powerful, singer Vegar is at his best when he screams from the bottom of his lungs.

This is feel-good rock at it's best, with a good portion of self-esteem and a genuine love of playing music that sets people in a good mood. You can't not like it! Give it a listen when Join The Circus is released world wide on August 26th 2016.

1. She's Dead
2. Join The Circus
3. Once Again
4. Devils
5. Spray-Tan Magic
6. Easy Love
7. Faith
8. Calm Water
9. Prisoners

Visit Souls Of Tide:

Watch the first single "She's Dead" from Join The Circus!


Skribent: Emily Lövstrand
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