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Kitty Saric Confirms Entrance Song For Female Muay Thai Fighter. | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kitty Saric Confirms Entrance Song For Female Muay Thai Fighter.

Kitty "Metallic" Saric (Decadence) just released the following press Release:

Kitty "Metallic" Saric (Decadence) is back in a solo project set to support the young talented combat sport Muay Thai Boxer Josefine ‘Little Thunder’ Lindgren Knutsson.
On October 22, 2016, ‘Little Thunder’ will enter the ring for a World Championship bout at Watford Colosseum, UK.
Her entrance song is what the project is about so do not miss Metallic Kitty’s return with the Thrashing song Little Thunder specially tailored for the great young fighter and her promising career years to come.

Behind the music is Lawrence Dinamarca (Nightrage /Loch Vostok /Carnal Forge) on drums and Johan Reinholdz (NonExist /Skyfire /Andromeda) on guitars and bass.
The song will be available for streaming during this week and so will Little Thunder’s fight, stay in tuned!
But you can listen to the song below, released 19 Okt. 2016.

“I’m honored to have been asked to do this song for Josefine. It made me think back on my own early days and things that kept pushing me forward through good and bad times. The idea and words for this song came naturally and I have really enjoyed being part of the whole thing.” says Kitty "Metallic" Saric.

METALLIC KITTY - Little Thunder

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