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Glenn Hughes - Resonate | FESTIVALPHOTO

Glenn Hughes - Resonate


Glenn Hughes, branded The voice of rock, is back with a new album. His career spans more than forty years and includes time with Trapeze, Deep Purple, Hughes?Thrall, Black Country Communion, California Breed plus various collaborations or solo projects. One thing that impresses me most with Glenn Hughes is the fact that while most singers his age are slowing down and struggling to reach the high notes, on stage or on album, he's still able to reach those really high notes and do do so with plenty of power still - he's done an amazing job of keeping that voice in top workng order.

When I hit play for the first time, I was expecting something good but other than that I wasnt sure exactly what to expect as Glenn Hughes has done a wide range of stuff over the years. Right from the start it was clear this was going to be a very impressive album. Check out the opening track, "Heavy" here...

The next track, "My town" doesnt just carry on a good thing - it takes it up a notch with more power from the guitar and the bass nice and prominent too, and lets not forget those superb vocals.

With the use of the hammond organ sound, "God of money" instantly takes you back to a 70s sound with hints of Deep Purple.

The album closer "Long time gone" is a lovely smooth number. The first minute of the song is simply acoustic guitar and vocals before the rest of the abnd joins in and the power level ramps up.

This is a superb album - great music with a nice 70s inspired sound and some superb vocals from Glenn Hughes. Highly recommended.

"Resonate" will be released on 4th November 2016 on Frontiers records

Track listing:

1. Heavy
2. My town
3. Flow
4. let it shine
5. Steady
6. God of money
7. How long
8. When I fall
9. Landmines
10. Stumble & Go
11. Long time gone

Skribent: Anthony May
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