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Jambinai at Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jambinai at Hellfest 2016



Jambinai – 15:50 / 16:40 – The Valley

It wasn’t easy to make a choice there and then, but when I look back, I really think that I did for the best: I chose to miss Havok in order to go see, for the first time and out of curiosity, this incredible Korean experimental band. And believe me, all the people who were standing in the pit of The Valley at this time of the day felt lucky to enjoy the true moment of grace that Jambinai gave us. Also, a friend of mine told me later on that Havok’s sound was terrible, so...
Of course, one can always complain about the problems inherent in big summer festivals and everything (I do too, in my spare time), but if I have the chance to make discoveries such as Jambinai every once in a while, at Hellfest or somewhere else, I think that it’s 100% worth it to spend an awful lot of time wandering aimlessly under the sun, drowning in a sea of drunk bodies.
Jambinai bounded the Hellfest people together for nearly an hour, and I sensed a lot of joy, love and respect in the air throughout their show, something unusual that resulted from the truly heartfelt music that was played before our open eyes. It would be vain to try to describe Jambinai’s music with my poor English vocabulary, so you’d rather listen to the last song they played that day (the magical « Connection ») by clicking on the link below:

Not that Metal, huh? It didn’t matter in the end, it was just something else. A moment of inner peace and harmony that we had never lived before, taking the shape of the greatest sound and light show of the festival so far, which was perfectly underlining the music’s breathing. I want to say thank you to the outstanding musicians who were extremely focused on their performance and yet sincerely happy to take us with them, far to their eastern dreamscape, on the very day that their new album « A Hermitage » was released. Perfect show.

Skribent: Paul S
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