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Erja Lyytinen - Stolen Hearts | FESTIVALPHOTO

Erja Lyytinen - Stolen Hearts



Finnish Blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen is back with a new album - Stolen Hearts. It's been three years since her last studio album (The sky is crying) although she did release a great live album in 2015 (Live in London).

The album kicks off with the title track - Stolen Hearts. It's been released as the first single, so check it out here..

"Black ocean" is the longest song on the album, and a large part of it is taken up by a great guitar solo that could easily have been released as a separate instrumental track.

The next song, "Slowly burning" is a soft slow blues song - another really strong track.

The final track is "Broken eyes". It's more focussed on the vocals and her voice sounds absolutely beautiful here. Her vocals are accompanied by a piano, and there's a subtle use of a pedal steel in the background that just adds a bit of extra depth to the song. It's a fantastic song and a great end to the album.

This really is a great album - it's full of top quality guitar playing, and I particularly love her slide guitar work. The vocals are very good throughout, but in "Broken eyes" they're simply beautiful. I think her voice sets her apart from many other guitarists - with so many, they're amazingly talented guitarists but have a fairly limited vocal style, whereas Erja Lyytinen is able to pull off a wider range of vocals than most and is a superbly talented guitarist too.
The album has a wide range of blues songs with different playing styles and sounds and so there is always something new catching your attention as you listen to the album. I can't recommend this album enough.

"Stolen Hearts" will be released on 7th April 2017 on Tuohi records.

Track listing:

1. Stolen hearts
2. Rocking chair
3. Love laboratory
4. 24 angels
5. Black ocean
6. Slowly burning
7. Lover's novels
8. Silver stones
9. Awakening
10. City of angels
11. Broken eyes

Skribent: Anthony May
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