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Vampire Junkies featuring Texas Terri | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vampire Junkies featuring Texas Terri

A debut album which is not really a debut for the members of this band, formed by the one and only Texas Terri with Kevin de Groot (Leopardskin Nuclear Bomber), Stephen ‘Tash’ Reddihough (Raw Power) and Steve Pegrum ‘Steve Machine’ (The Machines and many more…). For those who don’t know Texas Terri, it is better if he/she goes to see her live! A mix of rock ’n’ roll, punk, bad attitude and a powerful voice.

Well, this debut album, however, sees the four musicians together for a punk ‘n’ roll album old style, which recalls Iggy Pop, The New York Dolls and sometimes The Ramones.
Starting the record with ‘With my machines’, a rhythmic song which states the power of Terri’s voice and of the lyrics written by Nick Paul. Less than 3 minutes to start in a pure rock ‘n’ roll style, which reminds New York Dolls and Joan Jett. ‘Mainline’, the second track reminds of Mike Ness under a rock ‘n’ roll attack. The third track, ‘Rocket Red’, sounds like an old punk oi song, showing the energy and roots of the band. ‘Denmark Street’ follows, maybe the best song of the album, with its mix of punk and rock, back vocals and powerful lyrics.
Ending the album, ‘Tokyo Rubber’ a classic garage rock sob ng, the longest song of the album and a perfect closure for this record.

Well, I recommend this album, but above all, I recommend to see them live!

1. With my machine
2. Mainline
3. Rocket Red
4. Denmark Street
5. Tokyo Rubber

Skribent: Stefania Grosso
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