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Heidevolk @ Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Heidevolk @ Hellfest 2016



It was my first time seeing Heidevolk live, even though I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. I first discovered them with the release of « Walhalla Wacht » back in 2008. I have to say that I was full of doubt before their set started, because of all the line-up changes that the band have encountered for the past few years (and especially the loss of their two charismatic frontmen alongside their muscular axewielder). A tree cut from its roots usually dries and dies, doesn’t it? Well, I have to say that the band surprised me in a very good way in the end. Despite these changes, Heidevolk managed to put on a very professionnal show, both heavy and fun to watch at the same time. The sound was right on point, the audience was more than cheerful and the two new singers nailed the job. Unfortunately, not a single song off their first album, « De strijdlust is geboren » (my personal favorite) was played today, but the setlist still kicked the crowd’s ass with huge fur-booty classics (« Saksenland », « Nehalennia », « Ostara »…). Their new songs, that I don’t know that well, perfectly blended in and gave me a bright hope for the future of Heidevolk. Lesson learned, I admit that I was wrong to hold such a strong prejudice against this band, which definitely is a first class one. Voorwaarts!

Skribent: Paul S
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