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Municipal Waste @ Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Municipal Waste @ Hellfest 2016



Take Gama Bomb’s crossover thrash attack, get rid of their famous patented brand of fun and you have Municipal Waste’s show at Hellfest! I only needed half an hour to feel sick about the Americans’ show. This kind of music should be played with spontaneity and a sense of derision. Well, this time, the show was going on in the pit and not on stage, thanks to the fans who got up early enough to come to see Municipal Waste playing. An unprofessional (the band nearly got kicked out of the stage by the festival’s crew), boring show (especially for the band, or so it seemed) and a real disappointment. I guess that they will stay more of a studio band for me…

Skribent: Paul S
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