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The Bland - Strangers on the side of the street | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Bland - Strangers on the side of the street

An incredible Swedish band who presents their first album, Strangers on the side of the street, a mix of folk, traditional music, 50s country rock - Bob Dylan style - and indie music.

Well, the demo album contains seven tracks, which are really enjoyable and well written and composed.
Starting with the title track, more lively and fast, to Asking You, one of the best songs of the album: curated, profound and inspired. Also, Old Man is a song which you can listen over and over again, a song for a country sing-along, and true feelings from the inside. Politician’s vote, third track on the album, is a truly 50s folk song, in the tradition of Woody Guthrie. Learn it and sing it on the streets! Winter instead is a more introvert song, which recalls some indie songs of the last years, enriched by the piano and the chorus on the background. Changes, second track on the album, is a lively song which seems a 60s song, with chorus and folk (southern) sounds which releases true emotions.

A great album, listen carefully to it in order to enjoy all the little gems recorded. Hoping that The Bland will soon record another album and that they will show this energy and intensity on a live set.

Skribent: Stefania Grosso
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