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Prolyte products indispensable for the festival industry - UNTOLD FESTIVAL is an important user | FESTIVALPHOTO

Prolyte products indispensable for the festival industry - UNTOLD FESTIVAL is an important user



The fast-growing festival industry has learned to rely on Prolyte products to build its stages and related infrastructure.

From the large EDM festivals, like Untold, Dance Valley and Alpha Future people, to established names as Rock Werchter and smaller local festivals, like Summer time, and Concert at Sea, producers and technical staff rely on Prolyte products to make it happen.

The often outrageous stage designs need a solid and safe base to create the spectacular sets and lights shows. Producers and technical staff turn to Prolyte for support, whether this is found in its wide array of products to equip the festival ground, or in its engineering support, to make sure constructions are calculated and safe.

One of the newest pretenders to the top table of European festivals, Untold, combines massive EDM and house DJs with representatives of pop and urban music. Untold was winner of Best Major Festival at the 2015 European Festival Awards, prised for its uniquely themed staging, a flavour of Romanian folk-lore, and an international audience.
For the Untold festival 2016 a range of Prolyte equipment was used. Like 250m. crash barriers, over 80 ProLyft hoists, 300 m. S52SV truss and over 300 m. H30V and H40V truss, this all in addition to a Prolyte roof structure.

As Corneliu Ladin, owner of Untold producing company Arena Events comments: “We only want to work with the best brands, like Prolyte. Their products give us the comfort of 100% reliability and unmatched support. That’s just what you need for an event like this. We work with Prolyte for a couple of years now and it still builds as flawless as the first time. At the Untold festival the world’s best DJ’s will be performing, like Afrojack, Armin van Buren and Hardwell, trust me we want to eliminate risk as much as we can. When you are responsible for the safety and well-being of so many festival-goers you don’t take any chances.”

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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