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Duane Forrest - The climb | FESTIVALPHOTO

Duane Forrest - The climb



Duane Forrest grew up in Toronto, Canada but has lived in places including Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and that has influenced his music.
Duane uses the proceeds of his album and tour sales to raise money for non-profit organization efforts in Latin America, and other marginalised places around the world, covering anything from working with poor children to drug addicts.

The songs are performed primarilywith just acoustic guitar and vocals with the occasional use of other instruments. Mainly it's just him singing but at times there are some backing vocals too. The guitar playing is very nice and the vocals sound good. The simple guitar/vocals presentation and the fact the mix focusses attention to the vocals, means that you tend to listen quite carefully to the lyrics, and that's a good thing here as the lyrics are beatufully written and are all personal.
It's a lovely album - intimate and personal and with the money he makes from music going to a good cause then that's just an extra reason to buy this album.

"The climb" will be released on 21st July 2017

Track listing:

1. Edge of the sea
2. Piece of cake
3. Oceans
4. Policia
5. The walk
6. Midsummer night's dream
7. 1 night stand
8. Warrior I
9. Wedding bells
10. G'morning Bossa
11. Chevrolet
12. End of the world
13. Mariela of my dreams

Skribent: Anthony May
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