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First 11,000 passes for Untold Festival 2017 sold in less than three minutes | FESTIVALPHOTO

First 11,000 passes for Untold Festival 2017 sold in less than three minutes



The organizers of UNTOLD festival due in Cluj next year informed they had sold over 11,000 passes in less than three minutes, although the initial number was 5,000 passes at promotional price. However, due to the high demand the organizers allowed anyone who accessed the link in the first minute to buy tickets.
“We announce you that the first 11,000 passes to UNTOLD 2017 were sold in less than 3 minutes! Although we had 5,000 passes in store, to meet the fans’ high demand, we allowed everyone who accessed the purchase link in the first minute since the sale launching to complete the transactions. Thus, over 11,000 passes reached the most passionate UNTOLD fans! Considering the high interest, we’ll get ready the second block of passes next week,” reads the organizers’ statement.
The third edition of the UNTOLD Festival will take place in Cluj, during August 3-6, 2017, it has been announced on 23 November.
UNTOLD manager Bogdan Buda said back then that the festival is renowned worldwide and has become a true phenomenon.
“The third UNTOLD Festival edition will take place in Cluj-Napoca during August 3-6 2017, it is the best moment. The first 5,000 passes will be put up for sale starting November 25 at a promotional price of RON 330. Next year they will cost RON 550,” the manager said.
Over 300,000 people from 60 countries attended this year’s edition of UNTOLD Festival.

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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