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Hello, fab people! Summer Well Festival was as we expected A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Even if the weather was a little too hot it did’t disturb us too much. The atmosphere was the one that mattered. Still can’t believe that we have such an amazing festival and that every year it gets better and better! So cool! We just wanna thank Orange for inviting us! Yes, we were planning to attend this magic event, but let’s be honest…it was nice to receive the invitations from the official sponsor of the Festival (such an honour).rnThe weekend was filled with beautiful moments!rnrnWe took this photoshoot for you and while we were taking these photos we explored all the corners and we wanna tell you that we have been pretty impressed by all the activities we have discovered around there. For sure you don’t have time to get bored at Summer Well. We didn’t miss anything and we also add some favorites.rnrnSo we went to Orange tent and tried some games, took some photos at the photo wall ( stolen some balloons…they were free in fact) and sang some songs in the Recording Studio (it was hilarious).rnrnThank God there was an eco V-TREE so we could charge our phones! After less than 4 hours low battery popped up on the screen ( which is not the best thing that can happen to us when we are in the mood for photos). But what’s this V-Tree?! Someone was super smart and invented it for the poor ones that wanna charge the phones using Solar Energy. So while we had a drink and listened to music our phones were charged and ready for new photos!! (totally loved it). Beside this solution you could also buy an external battery from Orange and if you used it all they would replace it for free with a new one fully charged.rnrnSummer Well was more than we expected! A hot Orange air balloon, best music, great food, beautiful people, creative activities and so many unexpected surprises!rnrnAfter these two days we feel like two happy and fulfilled kids. And we think that we need three days of Summer Well next year!rnrn


Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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