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InThyFlesh + Alcest, Braga | FESTIVALPHOTO

InThyFlesh + Alcest, Braga


The concert took place in the same auditorium where Danny Cavanagh played some months ago, only this time (of course) without chairs. There were three bands in the original line-up but Mourning Lenore cancelled. There were at least 150 people acording to the organization; this number could be higher if there hadn’t been two other concerts scheduled for the same day.

The first band that played were the Portuguese InThyFlesh, it surprised me to see that their sound had changed since the last time I saw them (for better if I may say!) heading for a more depressive and slow sound with their new songs, though they chose a repertoire more suitable for that night, such as Devaneios de Rejeição and Infortúnio (both from the new album).

The french Alcest are known for their almost oniric sound, they tend to transmit the images of a fairy land or an alternate reality. I have to say I found some similarities between Alcest and Ulver, especially in the Bergtatt album. There was some feedback in a couple of songs but apart from that it was like listening to the cd. Neige has a very calm posture; he’s not very communicative indeed, anyway I can’t imagine them being more extroverted!

During the act they brought some chairs to the stage to perform a couple of songs (the highlight goes to Sur L'Océan Couleur de Fer from their last album Écailles de lune) there was a funny moment when the guitar player was trying to adjust the microphone but the stage was so small and the people were so close that he almost hit some guy in the face with it. One other song that liven up the audience was Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde from their first album.

They played for about 75 minutes, leaving the crowd wanting more and asking for an encore but with no luck, they were probably saving some energy for the next day concert in Lisbon.

Skribent: Claudia Bernal
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