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The Real McKenzies Interview | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Real McKenzies Interview



There’s only one punk celtic band… The Real McKenzies of course! And I had the pleasure to meet guitarists Dan and Andrew and bassist Troy, for an amazing chatting.

Q: It's not the first time for you at PRH. How is it for you to come back here to Slovenia, are you enjoying it?

All together: It's awesome. It's one of the best festivals in Europe. It's great, it's such a small festival, but the line-ups are amazing!

Q: Do you prefer to play at big festivals or in small venues?

All together: We can do everything! Small venues on the days off, when we do some acoustic shows, and then we play in giant festivals. We get to play everything, we are so lucky.

Q: Maybe the audience is different: in the big festivals there are different kinds of people, while the small venues are more intimate.

Troy: It is, but here you can play outside and that's really really cool, it's amazing. Switching up all the time is the best.
Andrew: I like festivals like this one, especially when people is coming in all the time and everyone is drinking all the time.

Q: Tell me about some strange moments or crazy things happened during a gig.

Dan & Troy: We were in Munich last year having a great time and Paul, well, there's this story about Paul's shirt, he's sweating a lot during the gig, he can really fill up half pint of beer squeezing his shirt and that night a fan comes in open his mouth and drinks half pint of sweat! We start laughing and later that night, when the show is over, I throw up just thinking about it. - Everyone laughs -.

Q: Any plans for the future?

Andrew: Get a dog, a future in sport.. go to the Hamptons.

Q: Retirement?

Dan: Football?
Troy: Probably with these arms you can choose dancing. - everyone laughs -.
In October we will start pre-production of the new record which will be out in 2019. But no guarantees on that. We have a lot of shows this year so next year will be a little slower, just four months in Europe and that will be two years of commitment.

Q: Do you have any ritual preparation before getting on stage?

Dan: Four beers, two vodkas and maybe some shots of whiskey..
Troy: Don't forget about Polaris!
Dan: Yeah, a lot of Polaris.- Laughing -.
Dan: I try to do parkour but no one understands my style. No, we just have a couple of drinks but we really chill, rest, play the guitar and stretch.

Q: And after the show?

All together: Eat, most of the times: we love pizza.

Q: Of all the bands you played with, what is...

All together: Pears!! We played together the other day, I saw them a few times and seriously, they're fucking terrible.

Q: Also in the backstage?

All together: Yeah yeah, they're awesome. Last year in Czech Republic, at Mighty Sounds, we got to see their set, which was awesome, and then we see Zach and Brian. We’re sitting there with lots of beer by themselves because they were just finished and we say: “Hey, can we join you?” And they say, “Yeah!” next thing I know, six or seven hours later, that there were people getting naked and Paul picks up and then we play. I'm pretty sure it was a great show.

Q: Will you stay here all week enjoying the festival or do you have to go?

Troy: We have to go to Munich, we can never enjoy festivals. Most of the times, after the show we go up to the van and drive: even 14 shows in a row. We have to do some laundry.. We actually are quite boring, very boring.
Andrew: The Real McBorings. - Laughters -.
Dan: If you don't believe this, keep Troy talking. - Laughters again -.

And we drink some more!

Skribent: Stefania Grosso
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