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Minotauro - new album | FESTIVALPHOTO

Minotauro - new album


Minotauro is a band from Croatia that has been playing together since 2010. The "Master of the Sea" album was released in 2013 and now the sequel is born - "Apocalyptic Sense". It will be released on October 13th.
Goran Edman, who has worked with Yngwie Malmsten, among others, perform at the record, just as Tom Naumann from Primal Fear. One of the things that make Minotauro stands out from the crowd is their exclusive collaboration with the Isthmus Orchestra. An element that fits well into their metal sound.

So, what about the new album:

"Landless Soldier" is the first of nine songs and it offers a fateful introduction with a doomsday choir and a symphony orchestra, soon accompanied by more traditional guitars and hard rock sound. The song also contains light celtic elements. All this mix of different styles gives a bit of shattered impression. The introduction gave me other expectations of the song than how it sounds in its entirety.

Minotauro plays melodic, classic hard rock. Fast parts are mixed with a bit calmer parties. The album offers many guitar solons, and the instrumental pieces are felt as an important part of Minotauros music. Personally, I think it's just the instrumental parts that make the record and the band interesting. These are the ones that give them their own identity, even though Rudy Berginc has a strong and quite classical metal voice that also sets a certain amount of character.

The title track "Apocalyptic sense" does not differ significantly from the other songs. As the name of the album suggests, there are associations of an Apocalypse in the sound.
The last song "Easy Livin" is the song that stuck in my mind because it has a more defined chorus and a more compelling melody than the other songs. It also has another energy in itself that I like.

The album is good, definitely worth discovering. I think Minotauro can get a big audience in Europe, but some world-renaming news on the metal map, they are not. The music has a epic base, but as I sometimes experience they loose it after a while in the songs, which is a pity.

Live I would like to see Minotauro together with a strong choir and the whole orchestra. I'm sure it will be a really good concert experience. It would be fun if any of the Swedish rock festivals could book them in the future.

1. Landless Soldiers
2. Fields of Symphobia
3. Seven
4. All seeing eye
5. Brain Digger
6. Apocalyptic Sense
7. Son of the Witch
8. Graveyard Symphony
9. Easy Livin’

Skribent: Elise Pavicic
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