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The Dirty Denims - Back With A Bang. | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Dirty Denims - Back With A Bang.



The Dirty Denims, the self-styled female fronted Happy Hardrock band are back with their latest full album release, a continuation of the 6 track ep released earlier this year.
The album contains the previously released 6 songs, plus 6 new ones.
You can read my review of the first 6 tracks at the bottom of the page..

Track number 7 is “Virtual reality” which is a fast paced rocker, full of energy. The video is great, as it features 360 movement within it, hours of fun.

Track 8, “One Way Ticket (the hell outta here)” has a very AC/DC sounding opening riff, Im sure I’ve said that about another one of their songs, but that hasn’t done Airbourne any harm, and it is refreshing to have a female vocal singing these hard rock songs. Just over 3 minutes of glorious head banging with a sing a long chorus.

Moving onto track 9, “Bad Reputation”. This is a superb cover of the Joan Jett classic. They have reproduced Joan’s very punky sounding song here and Dirty Denims Mirjam sings it great, full of raw energy, bringing a renewed freshness to this old 80’s track.
A thunderous bass line opens up track 10, “Loud Stuff”. A great example of what the Dirty Denims are all about, a great sing a long chorus with a guitar hook to die for. Some nifty solo work really brings this track to life. Play it loud.

“Gotta Run” is the penultimate track, another fast paced rocker lasting just over 2 minutes.

“We Want More” brings this album to close, it’s another of the same, the Dirty Denim way. And that isn’t a bad thing, that's a great thing.

There really are no bad songs on here, they are all very well written and immensely enjoyable. You either get them or you don’t. I do, I think they are a great band, with infectiously catchy tunes, they play honest down to earth fast paced hard rock and roll. No bullshit.

Mirjam - Vocal/Guitar,
Jeroen - Guitar,
Ashley - Bass,
Thomas - Drums.

Review of the first 6 track's, originally released as a EP is here:

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