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Agnostic Front @ The Underworld, Camden Town | FESTIVALPHOTO

Agnostic Front @ The Underworld, Camden Town



35 years on the road, 35 years of hardcore and values... For sure, Agnostic Front are one of the greatest hardcore bands in the history of punk rock.

The legends of New York hardcore arrived in London for an awesome show at the Underworld, in Camden Town, on a cold Sunday. Well, it was also the occasion to see also the book by Stigma and to listen to some thrash hardcore played by the support bands.

Just one hour show for Agnostic Front, one hour in which the hardcore titans put all their strenght, riffs and massive tunes. From old classic such as For My Family, Old New York, Gotta Gotta Go and Never Walk Alone, to the Blitzkierg Bop cover, Agnostic Front knew for sure how to flame up the souls of the hardcore kids... Well, no more kidz, actually, more adults which still remember what it means to be a punk!

No need to say that I really enjoyed every minute of their fast and aggressive songs, and I only hope that next time they will play a little bit longer!


Skribent: Stefania Grosso
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