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Airbourne - Roundhouse, London - 15th November 2017 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Airbourne - Roundhouse, London - 15th November 2017



The Wild were up first. They're a band I hadn't heard before and it didn't take them long to impress not just me, but most of the crowd. It's great hard rock and they're great performers too. I can see why they were picked to open for Airbourne - they put in a superb performance and really did a great job of warming the crowd up. This is a band I definitely want to see again.

Phil Campbell and the bastard sons were next, and I really do have mixed feelings. As a part of Motorhead he's part of rock and roll royalty, but it just feels like he's lost his way since Motorhead ended with Lemmy's death. While tonight is billed as Phil Campbell and the bastard sons, it's really "Phil Campbell plays some cover versions". Four Motorhead covers plus one Hawkwind song (Silver Machine) mean he's nly got time for 4 songs from "Phil Campbell and the bastard sons", and while they're decent enough, the fact that two are introduced as from an upcoming album means that the fans don't know them and they fall a bit flat. It's very noticeable that the biggest cheers are reserved for "Silver machine" and "Ace of spades". To be blunt, without Phil Campbell's Motorhead connection, a band like this would be playing pubs and small clubs not big stages.

Airbourne are a no-frills band and you always know what to expect: Volume turned up to 11 and lots of beer fueled high energy good old fashioned rock and roll. From the first note till the last note they never slow down. There are no slow ballads in an Airbourne set, just great high energy rock songs.
Kicking off with "Ready to rock" they spend the next 90 minutes going full throttle through a great set that includes tracks from the current album (Breakin' out of hell) as well as favourites such as "Girls in black", "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast" and "Runnin' wild". There's nothing sophisticated and subtle about these guys but the relentless pace and power and the fact they are great catchy songs means you can't help; but have fun and enjoy yourself at an Airbourne gig. As usual Joel climbs onto a roadies shoulders and comes out through the crowd as he plays, getting right in amongst the fans - it's one of those entertaining parts of an airbourne show, like smashing a beer can over his head or climbing the rigging when the stage setup gives that opportunity, that just adds to the entertainment factor of an Airbourne gig.
Loud, sweaty, beer-fuelled fun. A great set.

Skribent: Anthony May
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