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Hammerfall celebrate 20th anniversary with unique Champagne. | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hammerfall celebrate 20th anniversary with unique Champagne.

It's been 20 years since Hammerfalls debut "Glory to the Brave" exploded on the international metal scene.
This is something they want to celebrate with a drink of absolute highest quality.
This Champagne is as timeless and classic as their music.

HammerFall- Templar Cuvée Joacim Cans 2008, released today in Sweden extremely limited with 1900 bottles only.

You can order it from Systembolaget and the main focus will be on Sweden because it is their home country but it will also be available for purchase in Germany, Holland, France.

You can read more of the story behind this Champagne here.

When they played at Arbis Bar & Salonger in Norrköping 2017-11-10 (here you can read the review from that show in Swedish) they sent a live broadcast from their Facebook page when they tasted the Champagne for the first time. (See video below)

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