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Subhumans @ The 100 Club, London | FESTIVALPHOTO

Subhumans @ The 100 Club, London



Maybe everyone knows the 100 Club, one of the venues in which punk exploded during the 70s. But the club is open since the 40s and it has hosted a variety of musicians, from punk rockers to jazz players, swing nights and alternative rock 'n' roll. It is with mix feelings that I entered the doors of the club, a mix of excitement and honour, to be there, in one of the original clubs of London, in the middle of Oxford Street, among fashion shops and tourists.

But, a part from that, I was there to attend one of the shows of the Resolution Festival, a ten days of original punk in its historical home. Wednesday night, a good moment to listen to some anarcho punk by one of my favourite bands, Subhumans.

Before them, Desperate Measures hit the stage, a punk rock band from New Zealand which remembered me of UK Subs (headliners of the festival this Sunday). A good way to start the evening.

Then, Criminal Mind brought their mix of hardcore, punk and ska on stage. Check 'em out, they are young but they really know how to play a good punk song!

And finally, it's time for the seminal anarcho punk band we are all waiting for: Subhumans. The band is especially known for songs such as Subvert City and Religious Wars but all their discography is rich of good political punk songs, songs which make you think about our world even if have been written 30 years ago.

The lead singer, Dick Lucas, who also formed the bands Culture Shock and Citizen Fish, is full of energy and some of the madness which characterized very charismatic singer. Even if it is not the first time that I saw them playing live, I'm always amazed by their energy and sounds. They went through all their classic songs, Mickey Mouse is Dead, Animal, Work - Rest - Play - Die, No, and of course, Religious Wars and Subvert City.

And after a night like that, when you come home, you just imagine if all go quiet in the city and someone cries out Subvert!

Skribent: Stefania Grosso
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