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Accept and Night Demon Live @KOKO, London | FESTIVALPHOTO

Accept and Night Demon Live @KOKO, London


Accept and Night Demon @KOKO London
Thursday, 8th February 2018

The gig season of 2018 has already started and after a while, the heavy metallers Night Demon came back to London to support one of the biggest bands of the century, Accept. Having been a fan of both bands for a while, and definitely for Accept since my dad made a special mystification to me for the band early on, I was looking forward to seeing both bands on stage.

The show started at point 7.30 with Night Demon hitting the stage. From the first moment, the heavy metal trio came on stage and blasted the speakers with their raging riffage and drums. Raging guitars, pure heavy metal vocals and blasting drums burst in the venue. The band pulled off an amazing performance, keeping the crowd on the edge for the whole of their set and setting up the atmosphere for Accept to follow. The band’s energy on stage was almost visible, with all of the members constantly moving and showing amazing stage performance acts. The sound was also remarkable and very distinct, making their performance almost breath taking. Their setlist included songs such as: “Welcome to the Night”, “Full Speed Ahead”, “Screams in the Night”, “Heavy Metal Heat” and the ending ‘banger’ “Night Demon”.

The crowd’s response to the crazy trio was massive, filling the venue from early on, banging their heads to the beats and singing most of the lyrics of the songs, supporting the band from the moment they started playing till the last riffs of the guitars. It was definitely a great band to open up for Accept and set up the whole atmosphere of the show that waited ahead.

8.45 on spot and Accept come on stage to break the ground. The crowd was in ecstasy from the moment the members hit the scene, cheering and banging to the first riffs of the songs. Accept played for 2 hours, making the crowd –and me – bang their heads all along their set, playing a set that included all of the best songs of their long career as musicians. They created an amazing atmosphere, with bright colourful lights, a massive disco ball spreading them all across the massive venue and showing to the band members how crazy a crowd in London can be. Definitely dare to say that the lighting was the highlight of the night.

Accept’s setlist included songs such as “Die by the Sword”, “Restless and Wild”, “London Leatherboys”, “The Rise of Chaos”, “Analog Man”, “Neon Lights” (this is where the disco ball spread lights all over KOKO), “Princess of the Dawn” (mostly sang by the crowd at this point as one of the most famous songs of the band), “Midnight Lover” and “Fast as a Shark”. Of course, the band delivered an amazing performance, with incredible guitar and drum and bass solos spread around the concert, the band members sharing their energy with the crowd and being restless running around the stage.

Last but not least, the band came back on stage to play three more songs encore, namely “Metal Heart”, “Teutonic Terror” and of course “Balls to the Wall”. I was impressed by how visible the member’s energy was after playing for so long, and how amazing their live performance is. This is exactly what makes a band stand out, apart from making good music that is still heard by new generations even though decades have passed. And they definitely deserve all the support they are given. Overall impression: 10/10.

Skribent: Charis Bagioki
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