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Still On The Run: The Jeff Beck Story | FESTIVALPHOTO

Still On The Run: The Jeff Beck Story



“He developed a style that’s unique, and that’s pretty magical” – Jimmy Page
“He brings it to a different level” – Ronnie Wood
“Jeff takes the guitar to the furthest reaches of the guitar universe” – Jan Hammer
“There’s a difference between playing music and being music. Jeff IS music” - Jennifer Batten

Still On The Run: The Jeff Beck Story documents the history of a musical maverick and true innovator, delving below the surface to shed light on the circumstances, inspiration and technicality behind the man and his music. The film features extensive interviews with Jeff both at home and in his workshop, as well as interviews with Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, David Gilmour, Ronnie Wood, Slash, Jan Hammer, Joe Perry, Beth Hart & many more.

Beck’s childhood saw him surrounded by music; from the endlessly playing radio, to his homemade guitar and the countless hours he spent pouring over records and playing music with his friend, Jimmy Page. “I didn’t have to think about taking up guitar, I just wanted to pour my feelings into it” said Jeff. Around the same time his love of classic cars was ignited from watching American B-movies featuring hot rods, and his two great passions in life were born.

At that time, visiting America seemed like an impossible dream for the young man from Surrey, but joining the Yardbirds spawned Beck’s first trip Stateside. A pay cheque from the 1968 film, ‘Blow Up’ saw him to splash out on a split window ’68 Corvette - a warm memory that clearly still delights him to this day.

Covering the Jeff Beck Group’s seminal 1968 ‘Truth’ album featuring Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood right through to ‘Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop’ album (1989) - from experimental rock departures to powerfully dirty, heavy grooves and everything in between, Jeff will always create a singularly unique guitar sound.

Still On The Run: The Jeff Beck Story reveals the true story of the guitar player who builds hot rods and captures the excitement and anecdotes of those who have worked alongside him. Jeff Beck has always been a risk taker, on an endless quest for fresh and challenging new sounds. Bending notes and filtering a myriad of musical inspirations, he will continue to inspire fans and musicians alike by giving voice to his guitar in the most unexpected ways.

Jeff Beck is a 8 time Grammy Award winner, featured in Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" and recipient of the British Academy’s Ivor Norvello Award. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - twice.

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