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Bearded Theory 2018 - Thursday | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bearded Theory 2018 - Thursday



Thursday at Bearded Theory didnt start quite as planned. There was traffic chaos - partly due to earlier incidents and the fact that far more people turned up on Thursday than normal, but mainly the slow speed of getting camper vans and caravans on site which led to a queue of venicles around 9 miles long (all down the A38 as far as Burton on Trent). It's the sort of thing that could have caused angry scenes and people giving up, but people were mainly in remarkably good spirits. It took 4 hours to get on site and park up, so I missed the first few bands, but once on site it was time to relax and start enjoying the festival. Despite moans online, once people got on site, they seemed to move on from the problems and get on with the serious business of watching bands, drinking and having fun with friends new and old.

The Whip were the first band I saw. Their music is more electronic than my usual taste in music, but their great live performance made it far more enjoyable than I'd expected. If electro-rock is your think then The Whip are definitely a band worth listening to.

Reverend and the makers have played (and Headlined) Bearded Theory plenty of times so I think it's fair to say most people know what to expect from them - a great fun time. They're one of those bands that always manages to get the crowd bouncing, and tonight is no exception. Their music is both rock and dance, taking the best of both and is always fun to enjoy at a festival. Jon McClure is a great frontman who really knows how to work a crowd to get them bouncing and people's frustrations from earlier in the day were soon forgotten. A great end to a mixed first day.

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Skribent: Anthony May
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