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Parker Millsap - Other arrangements | FESTIVALPHOTO

Parker Millsap - Other arrangements



"Other arrangements" is the third full band album from parker Millsap. The singer songwriter has appeared on Conan, performed with Elton John and sold a fair few albums.

This is a strange album. On the one hand, all the songs are very good, but on the other it just doesnt have any feel of a definite style or direction - it's more a collection of random songs picked to show what he can do, rather than being songs that belong together. As a result it's hard to judge it - yes the songs are all well written and sound great, but that lack of a real bond between the songs means it just doesn't quite work as well as it should. It's a bit like having itunes on random play - you'll get plenty of great songs but there's no real flow to the listening whereas a really good album has a definite flow to it. As a result this album is both enjoyable and slightly unsatisfying.

"Other arrangements" is out now via Thirty Tigers

Track listing:

1. Fine line
2. Your water
3. Singon to me
4. Other arrangements
5. Let a little light in
6. Tell me
7. Gotta get to you
8. Good night
9. Coming on
10. Some people
11. She
12. Come back when you can't stay

Skribent: Anthony May
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