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Punks not dead ! | FESTIVALPHOTO

Punks not dead !


Welcome in Slovenia, in a very small town named Tolmin ! This city becomes every year in august the meeting point for all European punks.
Ps: it’s the same place as for MetalDays.

Sunny days, punk gigs, family state of mind, and very cold water this could be the quick summary of what I experienced down there.

If you want a festival not too big where you can be mosh and crowdsurf as chilling out by the water, this one is for you.
The site is stuck by the Soca river. You have 2 stages; main stage where you can reach the bar crowdsurfing as a Norwegian girl did, and one beach stage next to the river where you can probably reach the river if you crowd-surf like a boss.

The festival offers other activities such as skateboarding, punk karaoke, DJ Sets and much more. So if you want you can get busy if you want to or you can just float down the river in order to recover from last night.

You can discover many unknown bands such as new Swedish bands, and enjoy references such as Bad Religion or Lagwagon. The festival is quite long, it is lasting 5 days and this was already the 8th edition.

So better get ready for the ninth, put your NOFX tshirt on, and don’t miss it !!!!


Skribent: Frédéric Routier
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