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Pol'and'Rock Festival 2018 - Day by day | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pol'and'Rock Festival 2018 - Day by day


Pol’and’Rock Festival - Opening Day
Ok, that day was really hot! It was about 35°C! The tents were like ovens, so people left them and they were looking for some shadow. Others were fighting with the temperature by drinking a lot of cold beer, eating a lot of watermelons and dancing under the „mushroom” (huge mud puddle). Some of them were wearing a protective masks because of tons of dust (it’s good if you don’t want to have black snotter in your nose :)).
The opening took place on Big Stage and people traditionally hung flags and banners on it. The higher the better! The opening ceremony began at 3 p.m. In this moment Roman Polanski - the last scout from the Żary Station had said the words: „W imieniu PKP, 24-ty Pol’and’Rock w miejscowości Kostrzyn, województwo lubuskie, odjazd!” which means: „On behalf of PKP, 24th Pol’and’Rock in the Kostrzyn, voivodeship Lubuskie, go!”. After that orchestra began to play and Jurek Owsiak greeted people at the Festival.
In this year first band to play was Dubioza Kolektiv. This is Bosnian band playing their folklore, dub, punk, reagge and hip-hop music. Their music is really unique and energetic. People started to jump and dance to the rythm of music and colorful flags were waving over their heads.

1. Big Stage: Dubioza Kolektiv, The Inspector Cluzo, Alestorm, Hunter, Gojira, Wojtek Mazolewski & Śląsk, Tabu, Goo Goo Dolls
2. Small Stage: Curcuma, Apey & the Peat, Sematam, Bethel, Glasspop, Big Cyc, Laboratorium - Grzegorz Grzyb In memoriam.
3. Viva Kultura Stage: Tester Gier, Tymek, Snowblind, Iraas Band, Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa, Farben Lehre akustycznie, Transsexdisco.

Pol’and’Rock Festival – Second Day
This day it was even hotter than the first one, but everyone was looking very happy and full of energy. The concerts were also hot! The winner of Złoty Bączek played that day. It’s an award from audience for the best concert in last year. The winner was Nocny Kochanek (Night Lover) – polish band playing metal and rock music. Guys hipnotized people and everyone was singing their songs from the start to the end! They have broken attendance record – there were about 700.000 people at one concert!
In my opinion the best track is „Poniedziałek” (en. „Monday”). The chorus goes like this:

„I wasn't supposed to drink, I was joking
After Sunday comes Monday
A shot of vodka and a beer
Let them cure me on Monday”.

After that at the Big Stage played Judas Priest, but there were less people, because most of them were really tired by pogo ;). Judas Priest was a daydream for real fans of metal. People came from all over the Poland to see their guitar show… and they were not dissapointed. They could listen to the most popular tracks… totally for free!

1. Big Stage: RusT, Snowman, Booze & Glory, You And Me At Six, Nocny Kochanek, Judas Preist, Arch Enemy, Balkan Beat Box.
2. Small Stage: Na Górze, PPNOU, Łydka Grubasa, Krzysztof Zalewski, Pablopavo, YB.
3. Viva Kultura Stage: The Bastard, The Django's, Defekt Muzgó, Prawda, Blade Loki, The Analogs, Farben Lehre elektrycznie.

Pol’and’Rock Festival – Last Day
Last day. People were really tired, dirty and missing their beds for sure. Most of them left Festival the day before after night concerts.
Official ending of Pol’and’Rock Festival is always in the middle of the night – usually at 3AM and it’s always magical experience. One of polish artist – Piotr Bukartyk played on the guitrar with young artists, who learn how to play and sing on the special workshops during the Festival. Everybody was singing one of Bukartyk’s track called „Z tylu chmur”. This song is about friendship and love standing above divisions. Just like this beautiful festival!!!

1. Big Stage: Hope, Hentai Corporation, Counterfeit, Soulfly, Alpha Blondy, Lao Che, Frank Carter, In Flames, Karczewska, Piotr Bukartyk.
2. Small Stage: Seventh Passion, Dreamheart, Metka, Vile Assembly, Koniec Świata, Blues Pills, Big Mountain.
3. Viva Kultura Stage: The Pajx, De Łindołs, Bubliczki, Ga Ga Zielone Żabki, Damian Syjonfam.


Skribent: Emilia Borecka
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