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Katie Doherty and the navigators - And then | FESTIVALPHOTO

Katie Doherty and the navigators - And then



Katie Doherty is an award winning singer-songwriter from the North-East of England. She released her first album (Bridges) in 2007. She's worked as composer and musical director for theatre productions at Newcastle's Northern Stage theatre and the RSC under the direction of Samuel West and is associate artist with November Club theatre company for whom she recently composed the Musical "Beyond The End of The Road". She also regularly guests with folk band Broom Bezzums and has contributed vocals to several of their albums.

Check out the video for "Heatbeat Ballroom"...

The first thing to strike me on listening to the album for the first time is how beautiful Katie Doherty's voice is. It's lovely and clear and carries plenty of emotion and power. The music is nicely done - it's very pleasant and sets the mood nicely without distracting attention away from the vocals. The songs are very well written and this album is an absolute pleasure to listen to and even though I've listened to it a few dozen times already I'm still loving every second of it. An excellent album - highly recommended.

"And then" will be released on 25th January 2019 via Steeplejack music.

Track listing:

1. I'll go out
2. Yours
3. Navigator
4. Heartbeat ballroom
5. Rose in winter
6. Polska
7. Angry daughter
8. And then
9. Tiny little shoes
10. We burn

Skribent: Anthony May
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