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Mandolin orange - Tides of a teardrop | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mandolin orange - Tides of a teardrop



Mandolin Orange are North Carolina duo singer-songwriter Andrew Marlin and multi-instrumentalist Emily Frantz. Formed a decade ago, Mandolin Orange have so far released five albums, and are now about to release their sixth - Tides of a teardrop.

If you havent listened to Mandolin Orange before and don't know what to expect, well the description "Americana" is an accurate one. It's folk with a country influence and just has a timeless American feel to it. The music is soft and beautiful and is complemented with lovely vocal harmonies and wonderful lyrics.

With this album Andrew Marlin has written about loss, letting go and finding peace. He lost his mother when he was just 18 years old and while this has impacted his writing over the years, on this album it's become the focus. He says “I’ve been holding on to the grief for a long time. In some ways I associated the grief and the loss with remembering my mom. I feel like I’ve mourned long enough. I’m ready to bring forth some happier memories now, to just remember her as a living being."

Check out "Golden embers"...

It's a great album that really is a pleasure to listen to. Highly recommended.

"Tides of a teardrop" is out now

Track listing:

1. Golden embers
2. The wolves
3. Into the sun
4. Like you used to
5. Mother deer
6. Lonely all the time
7. When she's feeling blue
8. Late September
9. Suspended in heaven
10. Time we made time

Skribent: Anthony May
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