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Special edition Electric Castle 2021. When will it actually take place and how much will the tickets cost | FESTIVALPHOTO

Special edition Electric Castle 2021. When will it actually take place and how much will the tickets cost



The Electric Castle Festival will take place this year, for ten days, between August 6-15, in Cluj-Napoca and Bonțida.
Special edition Electric Castle 2021

"EC_Special reopens the stage for the great musical events of summer 2021. 10 days with over 400 events, in over 30 locations in Cluj-Napoca and Bonţida", announced the organizers, who promise an unforgettable festival.

"EC_Special is the promise of the organizers of Electric Castle Festival that the summer of 2021 will be the time to find all those who love live music and want to reconnect," reads a press release sent by the organizers.

"Banffy Castle in Bonţida will naturally be the starting point of this event - an experiment scheduled between August 6 and 15. The flagship space for the entire Electric Castle community and the most coveted place to be together again will host the shows scheduled for the first weekend. EC_Special will also mark the return to Cluj-Napoca of events under the Electric Castle brand. No less than 30 spaces in the city will host specially prepared stages, integrating the urban landscape into the prepared artistic mix ", the organizers also informed.
Festival adapted to the pandemic context

The 2021 edition of Electric Castle will be organized in a formula adapted to the pandemic context, say the organizers.

"Live concerts with Romanian and foreign artists, performances, New Media or AV shows are part of a complex program whose details will be announced in the next period. The organizers aimed to restore the usual atmosphere of the festival, in a formula adapted to the context, which would allow the public a safe connection. Starting with June 10, the public will be able to buy tickets on the platform. All the events within EC_Special will take place respecting the norms that the authorities will impose for the period of development ”.

Even if the classic version of Electric Castle has already been postponed for 2022, the festival organizers have prepared for the public a unique edition, adapted to the pandemic period we are still going through. Electric Castle Special will take place over 10 days, between August 6 and 15, with over 400 live shows taking place during the event. The festival will capture Bonțida and the center of Cluj-Napoca, 30 locations being reserved for this special edition.
Lineup Electric Castle Special

The organizers have not yet revealed any artists in the lineup, but considering that the organization of this edition was decided shortly, most likely following the green wave given by the Government a few days ago, we intuit that many local artists will participate in the festival. This does not mean, of course, that some international names could not be included in the lineup.
Tickets at Electric Castle Special

Tickets for Electric Castle Special will be available starting June 10. They will have reduced prices in a first stage.
Message from the organizers of Electric Castle

Electric organizers are extremely happy to host this special edition of Electric Castle.

"This is the happiest day of the last year and a half. Between August 6 and 15 we will be together in a different festival. Electric Castle Special is a unique festival, created and organized for the period we are going through. (.. .)

It will be intense. We will return to life, to live music, to dance, to feeling great with your friends ", the organizers transmitted.

The classic version of Electric Castle will take place from 13 to 17 July 2022. The headliners of Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz and Deftones have been reconfirmed. The other artists in the lineup will be revealed in the next period.

Untold, the other big festival in Cluj, will be held this year in the classic formula. UNTOLD 2021 will take place in September, without limitation of capacity, thanks to the decision taken by the Government to allow the organizers of major events to have unlimited access to concerts, as long as participants are vaccinated, tested, or have antibodies.

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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