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Devin Townsend – O2 Academy, Glasgow – 14/04/2022 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Devin Townsend – O2 Academy, Glasgow – 14/04/2022



Devin Townsend is always very much welcome in Glasgow. Regularly coming back to Scotland, Devin had played in various live music venues: O2 ABC, SWG3, Barrowlands, and this time – O2 Academy.

This time he came back with the supporting Scandinavian progressive ensemble VOLA. Starting out sixteen years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band enforced their music with a skillful Swede on drums – Adam Janzi. This is not the first time for this progressive metal team in Glasgow, the last time Glaswegians witnessed this band live sharing the stage with Haken three years ago. This time band prepared forty minutes long setlist, which was a perfect warm-up for the main course of the night – Devin Townsend himself. Excited to be here and equipped with the dynamic set, they did not let the crowd snooze. Technical, melodic, and groovy, spiced up their performance with one quieter track “Enter” from their “Monsters” EP (2011). Four songs in the set were dedicated to their latest studio album “Witness” (2021). The show was brilliantly crowned with the extra heavy and groovy “Stray the Skies” from the “Inmazes” album (2016), which begged to keep going on and on!

Vola setlist:

1. 24 Light-Years
2. Head Mounted Sideways
3. Smartfriend
4. Straight Lines
5. Enter
6. Alien Shivers
7. These Black Claws
8. Stray the Skies

VOLA pictures:

Devin Townsend occupied the stage without much delay after VOLA left it. This is the first UK tour date this year, the night before the Canadian musician was playing in Dublin, Ireland. Moving down south he was bracing himself for the two concerts in a row in the majestic Royal Albert Hall in London.

The last time Devin Townsend visited Glasgow, was just before the pandemic hit us at the very end of 2019. Then, he surrounded himself with numerous musicians and decorations but this time, he came back with a modest band of four (including himself).

Starting with Devin Townsend Project song “Failure”, the setlist weaved through a great selection of tracks from various episodes and projects of Devin’s career, including a couple of Strapping Young Lad (SYL) tracks, as well as some songs of The Devin Townsend Band.

The regular sing-along “Ih-Ah!” was performed acoustically and provided an extra time for interaction with the fans, which Devin Townsend is famous for. Devin’s show would not be his if good natured banter would not be involved. He enjoyed a very typical Glaswegian “Here we fucking go” chant, which he found himself up chanting together with his Scottish fans. The big soft toy octopus, brought by a fan, was honoured by Devin dedicating his time during the whole time of the show by carrying it on his head or under his arm or finally sitting it down in front of the microphone stand for everybody to see.

While the highlight song from the album “Addicted” – “Ih-Ah!” was quieter musically and more for the interactions, the two heavyweight tracks from SYL career “Aftermath” and later on “Love?” sent fans into frenzy and crowd surfing.
With the huge variety of different tracks, performed during the show, Devin Townsend exhibited not only his masterful abilities as a guitarist and frontman but as an incredible vocalist in his top shape, both in growls and high pitch notes.

The impressive two hour long show was crowned by two encore songs, admittedly by Devin himself – slower and lighter “Spirits Will Collide” performed just before the last song of the set, the energetic “Vampira” (originally The Devin Townsend Band track). This was an interesting way to finish the gig, which set spring into step for the satisfied fans leaving the venue into the warm night.

Devin Townsend setlist:
1. Failure
2. Kingdom
3. Hyperdrive
4. By Your Command
5. Life
6. Aftermath
7. Regulator
8. Deadhead
9. Deep Peace
10. Ih-Ah!
12. March of the Poozers
13. More!
14. Juular
15. Supercrush!
16. Love?

17. Spirits Will Collide
18. Vampira

Devin Townsend pictures:


Skribent: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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